Thursday, 13 June 2013

Your ideas can help us win | My e-mail to Labour members today

Below is an excerpt from my latest campaign e-mail sent to Labour Party members in the East Midlands.

I want to see a campaign and policy agenda built and driven by our members. 

If you have a suggestion or idea please get in touch here.

You can take part in Labour's policy process via Your Britain.

From my latest campaign e-mail to Labour members in the East Midlands:

It has been enjoyable and interesting to speak with hundreds of members across the region. The hustings events that have been organised have been good opportunities to answer questions, share ideas and talk about how get more Labour MEPs elected in our region.

Thank you to everyone who attended the hustings and to those local parties that have organised their own events for the MEP candidates.

We have discussed many important issues at these events, including; our membership of the EU; youth unemployment; tackling UKIP; immigration; employment rights; climate change; energy policy; fighting crime; jobs and growth; transport; equality campaigns and many more. You can find out my views on these issues and my policy priorities at

At all the hustings events and throughout this campaign I have been clear: our members are Labour's greatest strength and we need your ideas to help us win next year.

That's why I want members across the region to have a real say on our policy and campaign plans ahead of next year's elections. I will work to make that happen; by attending local party meetings and by organising policy forum discussions.

Many members are already e-mailing in their policy ideas, questions and suggestions - I am responding as quickly as I can!

Please continue to put forward your ideas and policy suggestions. I will always listen to what our members say: the European campaign must respond to the issues and concerns in communities across our region.

Please make sure you have your say; by voting in the MEP candidate ballot and by putting forward your ideas for the campaign.

If you have already voted for me, thank you for your support.

Best wishes,


Rory Palmer

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