MEP campaign: ready to win for our region

Information from the Labour Party selection process for the European elections 2014
We need Labour MEPs with the experience and determination to win for our region in Europe. Because of my experience at a senior level in local government in the East Midlands I will be ready to speak up and win for our region from day one.

I am campaigning to win this ballot because I want to win for our region.

My priorities for the East Midlands in Europe:

1. To win a fair deal for our region in Europe: making sure we get our fair share of EU funding across the region to boost growth and investment. 

2. Jobs: tackling youth unemployment is a specific priority for me. I will make it a top priority in the election campaign and as your MEP. We cannot aord a lost generation. 

3. Defending rights: I will resist all attempts to weaken employment rights. I will fight for stronger protection against poverty pay and exploitation and will campaign for a ban on zero hour contracts.

I was born and brought up in the East Midlands, in Worksop in North Nottinghamshire. I now live and work in Leicester, one of our region’s cities. I know what is needed to win a better deal in Europe for all parts of our region; our rural villages, coalfield communities, market towns and the cities.

As a senior representative in local government I put my Labour values into practice each and every day. Whether it’s implementing the Living Wage, creating new apprenticeships or fighting for investment in our region, I know how to deliver and get things done.
I have a strong track record of campaigning and know how to win on the doorstep.

I will be ready to win for the East Midlands in Europe from day one. I will work tirelessly to win for Labour across our region.

I hope you will support me and vote Rory Palmer ‘1’ in the ballot.