Thursday, 30 May 2013

The experience to win for the East Midlands
The experience to win for Labour 

Experienced representative in our region

I hold a senior position in local government in the East Midlands.
As Deputy City Mayor of Leicester I have a track record of delivering: 
Led the implementation of the Living Wage at Leicester City Council.
Created new apprenticeships as part of plans to tackle youth unemployment.
Set up and chair the Leicester Child Poverty Commission.
Worked to secure investment in the area to create jobs and growth.
Elected as a councillor in 2007 and re-elected in 2011: assisted hundreds of residents on a wide range of issues. 
I am experienced at taking up casework and winning results for the people I represent.

Experience in Europe

I sit on a European level board of city mayors & leaders, working to secure EU funding for local energy projects. 
Attended meetings with EU Commissioners, officials and MEPs in Brussels. 
Spoken at events and conferences in Europe.
Invited to speak at last year's Labour regional European Forum and at last November's European Socialists youth unemployment conference in Nottingham.

Labour Party & Trade Union experience

Solid Party background: active Labour member for 15 years. 
Campaigned in elections at all levels in the East Midlands and across the country. 
Experienced CLP and Branch Ocer, previously a CLP Secretary and Trade Union Liaison Ocer. 
Experienced Labour candidate in national and local elections, including 2010 General Election. 
Organised successful election campaigns. 
National Policy Forum rep for the East Midlands. 
East Midlands Labour Party Regional Board.

Trade union activist and campaigner

Campaigned on issues including low pay, pensions, employment rights and equalities. 
Won the TUC National Young Members Award. 
Involved nationally in the campaign to extend the minimum wage to young workers. 
My first ever trip to Brussels was to represent young workers in the UK at a European Trade Union Confederation youth conference.

We have to win the doorstep argument on Europe.

We need to connect with people in our communities who are worried about the future.
It is not our job to defend the status quo. The EU is not perfect and if I am an MEP I will argue for real change and reform in Europe: change to make sure Europe works for the East Midlands.

We need to make the pragmatic argument for Europe.

Thousands of jobs in our region, in manufacturing, research & development, distribution and other sectors, depend on Britain's EU membership. The EU is also a platform for Labour to fight to protect and win stronger rights and protection for workers, citizens and consumers.
Youth unemployment is at crisis levels. I support eorts at the European level to get young people back to work: this is one of my top priorities for our region.

Our campaign in 2014 has to be about real issues: unemployment, the economy and living standards.

Take on UKIP

We cannot ignore UKIP. We need to take on UKIP and make sure it is Labour that sets the agenda in next year's elections. As a parliamentary and council candidate I have taken on and beaten UKIP and the BNP.

Motivate our members

As with any campaign, Labour's strongest asset will be our activists. As a candidate I will listen to our members and make sure the European campaign responds to your local concerns. These elections are a crucial milestone towards the 2015 General Election. In my view there can be no 'no-go' areas for Labour in 2014: every street, village, town and city is a battleground in these elections.

I will listen to our members; attending CLP, branch and trade union meetings where invited to discuss the 2014 campaign.

Tackle apathy

Apathy remains a big challenge in European elections. We have to make these elections relevant and reach out to people who have lost faith in politics. I will lead a campaign to connect with voters in all communities, including young people, students and first time voters.

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