Monday, 6 May 2013

County Council election results

Congratulations to Labour's newly elected county councillors across the East Midlands.

It is great to see Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire County Councils back in Labour control. Good luck to our new council leaders, Anne Western in Derbyshire and Alan Rhodes in Nottinghamshire.

I spent polling day in Retford, Nottinghamshire where Ian Campbell and Pam Skelding gained seats from the Tories and in the marginal seats of Loughborough and North West Leicestershire. We made important progress in both these places, including the election of Leicestershire's youngest county councillor, Heather Worman. I also spent time on polling day campaigning for Amanda Hack in Enderby, South Leicestershire, where Labour came very close to beating the Tory incumbent.

Congratulations to Lincolnshire Labour on their excellent set of results, and also to Northampton Labour where important and impressive progress was made.

We saw strong, well organised campaigns across the region for these elections, showing the very best of East Midlands Labour.

In the final couple of weeks of the campaign I joined our teams in High Peak, Derbyshire; Ashfield; Bassetlaw; Northampton; South Leicestershire; North West Leicestershire and Loughborough. Well done to all our candidates, agents, organisers and campaigners.

Retford Labour Hall, Nottinghamshire.
My first stop on polling day.

Polling Day #labourdoorstep
with John Mann MP.

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