Sunday, 14 April 2013

#Labourdoorstep in Northampton & Leicestershire

It was good to be in Northampton this weekend to support our county council candidates.

I joined our excellent county council candidates Rhea Keehn (Delapre & Rushmere) and Ben Wesson (Boothville & Parklands).  We had a good response on the doorsteps. Good luck to Labour's candidates in Northamptonshire and across the East Midlands for these weeks of the campaign.

Campaigning for Rhea Keehn in Northampton, with my friend
and colleague from Nottingham Labour, Alex Norris.

Campaigning for Ben Wesson in Northampton.

I also joined the campaign again in Leicestershire this weekend, this time in South Leicestershire for county council candidate Amanda Hack.

Labour campaign team with our
candidate Amanda Hack in Enderby, Leicestershire.

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