Tuesday, 9 April 2013

European elections 2014: Ready to win for our region

The Labour Party has announced its candidates for the European Parliament elections which will take place next year.

I am pleased and proud to have been selected as a Labour candidate in the East Midlands.

Congratulations to all of the Labour candidates selected for these elections. Our teams of candidates in all regions are strong and experienced. I am really looking forward to campaigning as part of our team in the East Midlands.

Next year’s European elections are really important. They are important for the East Midlands, for the country and for Labour. 

I was born and bred in the East Midlands. This is the region where I live and work. 

I know how important it is to have strong Labour representatives working for our communities at every level, from town halls to Whitehall and in Europe.

Europe matters to all of us. We won’t get jobs and growth in Britain without growth in Europe. Europe matters if like me, people are worried and angry about the youth unemployment crisis. 

Europe matters in securing jobs and investment in the region and it matters if you care about our public services and our rights as citizens, consumers and workers. 

My politics is about lifting living standards and tackling poverty; to do this we need a fairer future in the East Midlands. 

To secure that fairer and better future we need to have a strong Labour team speaking up for our region in Europe. I will be working tirelessly over the coming months to join Glenis Willmott in the European Parliament to speak up for our region and pursue the issues that matter to people across the East Midlands.

I have the experience, commitment and ideas to be a strong and effective voice for the East Midlands in Europe. 

I am ready to win a fairer and better deal for the East Midlands in Europe.
I am ready to work with our members and supporters to win for Labour in our region.

Tweet your support: #Rory1forEastMids

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