Saturday, 30 March 2013

Canvassing in Abbey & Bedroom Tax rally #2

It was good to be canvassing today with Vijay Singh Riyait, Labour's candidate for the upcoming Abbey ward by-election in Leicester.

Assistant Mayor Vi Dempster and councillors Sue Waddington and Sundip Meghani were also with us on the doorsteps. Good luck to Vijay, who will be an excellent councillor. I will be back in Abbey for some more campaigning soon.

Campaigning with Vijay Riyait in Abbey ward.

I also attended today's Bedroom Tax protest rally in the city centre. A number of Labour councillors attended the demonstration along with local trade union activists. This was the second rally in the city against this dreadful policy. I spoke at the first protest held a couple of weeks ago and told the rally:

'When it comes to the pace and scale of government cuts hitting the city council and the public sector, and these welfare changes like the awful bedroom tax, we have to be clear in saying to the government: enough is enough.'

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