Articles and publications

Links to articles and publications I have written

Bold decisions needed on health | Letter, Leicester Mercury | July 2013

Harshest cuts City Council has ever faced | Leicester Mercury column | July 2013

Living wage is no joke | Progress | April 2013

Some sensible measures to help save pubs | Leicester Mercury column | March 2013

From page to practice | article on the work of Labour councils delivering fairness in tough times | Progress | February 2013

Article for Leicester CAMRA branch magazine on importance of local pubs | Leicester CAMRA | February 2013

Labour should push for 16 year olds to get a vote in the 2014 Euro elections | article arguing in support of votes at 16 | LabourList | October 2012

The Tories might tolerate youth unemployment, we do not | Labour Uncut | October 2012

Low Carbon Leicester | article for SERA on Leicester's low carbon city plans | SERA | September 2012

Relocating Whitehall | arguing for some central government departments and agencies to be relocated out of London and into the regions | LGA Online | June 2012

Leicester Child Poverty Commission | Progress| April 2012

Local government finance - not sexy, but important | LabourList | February 2012

This year's local elections are an important test for Labour | LabourList| January 2012

Leicester's mayor quick to make his mark | article on first 100 days in office of Leicester's city mayor and team for LGiU C'llr magazine | LGiU | October 2011

Tackling child poverty is our top priority | Leicester Mercury column | August 2011

Reconnecting with working class communities, Progress Conference | brief write-up of a discussion at Progress Conference 2010 on reconnecting with working class communities with Andy Burnham, Margaret Hodge and Ellie Reeves | LabourList | May 2010