Saturday, 3 August 2013

MEP candidate ballot result

I am really pleased to have topped the regional ballot of Labour's MEP candidates in the East Midlands.
Thank you to everyone who voted and especially to my campaign team.
I am now looking forward to campaigning with our team of candidates for next year's elections.

The East Midlands Labour Party has announced the order that the candidates for next year’s European Elections will appear on the Labour Party list.

Glenis Willmott, Labour’s current MEP for the East Midlands and Labour’s Leader in Europe, was reselected to stand in 2014.

Following the ballot the four additional Labour candidates will appear on the list in the following order: 

· Rory Palmer
· Linda Woodings
· Khalid Hadadi
· Nicki Brooks 

Glenis Willmott said: “I am delighted to have been selected again to stand for Labour in next year’s European elections and I am looking forward to campaigning with Labour’s four other excellent candidates over the coming months as we work together to fight for a better future for the people of the East Midlands.

“Over the last four years Labour MEPs have worked hard to stand up for the people of the East Midlands - successfully achieving a Europe wide jobs guarantee for our young people, taking action on bankers’ bonuses and campaigning for jobs and growth in our region. 

“Meanwhile by voting against policies such as action on climate change, Tory MEPs have dramatically failed to support the interests of people in the East Midlands. And by constantly abstaining in votes, UKIP have failed to back EU policies that would bring wide reaching benefits to the East Midlands such as the jobs guarantee for our young people.” 

Rory Palmer said: “I am really pleased to have topped the ballot for Labour’s European list here in the East Midlands. This will be an important campaign and I am excited about the challenge ahead and am looking forward to working with Glenis Willmott and the East Midlands Labour Euro team over the coming weeks and months.

“I firmly believe that Britain’s national interest lies in remaining at the heart of a reformed EU and this is the message that I will be taking out to the electorate.”

The result is being announced following a ballot of all East Midlands Labour Party members where, after weeks of campaigning and hustings events, they were invited to rank the candidates in order of preference. 

Harriet Harman MP said: “I am proud that that such strong, committed and inspiring people have been picked by ordinary Labour Party members to be their MEP candidates in the East Midlands." 

“Like the people they seek to represent, they come from all walks of life and from all the different communities who live here in East Midlands."

“Unlike David Cameron whose first priority on Europe is appeasing the ever more extreme demands of Tory backbenchers, Labour MEPs will be a powerful One Nation voice who stand up for ordinary hardworking families."

“Their top priority is to be a strong voice in the European Parliament to make sure they get the best deal and bring jobs and growth here in the East Midlands”

The East Midlands Labour MEP candidates: Rory Palmer, Linda Woodings,
Glenis Willmott, Nicki Brooks & Khalid Hadadi